"I had no intentions to purchase but then they gave us an offer we couldn't refuse"
We aim to deliver to our customers at prices which are highly competitive. Of course that said, we would like to mention about our effective manufacturing processes using state of the art technology to develop cost effective products which are production viable.


"Quality is more important than quantity. One boundary is better than two doubles."
We have an in-house design team already dedicated to serve several reputed clients like: Pepsi, Macmillan and others (please visit: for more information). So imagine, a new design for every new season/occasion. Of oourse if you wish to get more personal, we will even copyright the designs to your signature fragrance.


All this we were figuring out what smells good to you and thus came, our product! Whom would you contact if you had the slightest of query? An uncompromised service leading all the way to you, customers. If that is not enough, frankly my dear you don't understand that we DO give a damn! And yes we follow the 4 D's: Design, Development, Delivery and Delight (you in turn your customers).